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Kristian Champion/Jeremy Lewis Scholarship


Kristian Champion is Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina 2012 and Ms. Wheelchair America 1st Runner-Up 2013.  Kristian is a professional public speaker advocating for those who want to be heard and motivating individuals who need that extra boost in their life.  Kristian also plays basketball for the “Charlotte Rollin’ Bobcats.”  Having Spina Bifida she was not supposed to live through birth, let alone her first birthday, but by the grace of God she is here for a reason. Kristian does not see it as a crippling disease, but as new eyes seeing the world for the first time and seeing what she can do next to make a change in someones life as others have done in hers.


Jeremy Lewis a 3 year old boy with the heart of a champion.  He has suffered many complications with Spina Bifida but he hasn't deterred him from living a happy bountiful life.  Over the course of one year, Jeremy had to have six brain surgeries. But they didn’t slow him down! In February of 2012, Jeremy was becoming paralyzed in his ankles and he could no longer control them. That is when his family realized he had another complication of his Spina Bifida called a tethered cord. So that same month he underwent a serious surgery to release his spinal cord and nerves from scar tissue surrounding it. That surgery was a success. Two months later he began walking with a gait trainer. He spent six months with his gait trainer until one day he realized he could walk without it! Today Jeremy is a happy, healthy talking 3 year old. He is walking everywhere and has started the process of running as well! Jeremy continues to defy the odds every day of his life.




To Apply For The Champion/Lewis Scholarship Click Here!

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